Food Review: KyoChon 1991 Best Place For Korean Chicken Wing!

KyoChon review

Soo.. this is my second time visiting KyoChon. The first one was at One Utama, Damansara. Eh, terspeaking pulak. Hehe. Okay, tak sure but rasanya takde buat review masa first visit tu. The chicken wings were all sedap but masa tu quite dissappointed dengan portion dan chicken wing nye yang kecil. Spent RM 100 tapi balik still tak kenyang. Sedih. Tapi serious chicken wing nye rasa sedap dan tak pernah rasa kat tempat lain.

Balik dari tu, terus made a complaint to KyoChon management. When I said I made a complaint, don’t ever think that I’m rudely complaining or criticizing something. Of course I was nicely telling the management how I truly feel when eating their products. They responded to my feedback and explaining things andd… unexpectedly, they thanked me for the feedback and asked for my contact details and tadaa.. they gave me two RM 20 of KyoChon vouchers (a total of RM 40). Kudoss to the management! I mean they know how to appreciate their customer yang jujur dan baik ni. Hahaha. No, no I’m not talking about the voucher only, I’m talking about how they responded to my complaint. Hehe.

Alrighttt… sooo yesterday (after 6 months from the date I received the vouchers) I went to KyoChon Pavilion KL, without any high expectation lah, I just ordered the chicken wings. This time I ordered all 3 kinds of chicken wing and the salad. Ouh btw, their kimchi fried rice is delicious but I was thinking if tak kenyang macam haritu lagi baru order that fried rice later on.

Okay.. lepas ni, macam biasa lah.. let the pictures tell you the story. ( Of course you have to read the captions to know the story, don’t just look at the pictures okayh? Haha xp )

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