Korean Double Fried KyoChon Chicken by BestRestaurantToEat

KyoChon and celebrities

Malaysian just love Fried Chicken unfortunately the Fried Chicken consume these days at Fast Food outlet and Pasar Malam is not very healthy. Most of these outlets and shops reuse too many time for the frying making the oil very carcinogenic.

I was invited to dinner at KyoChon Chicken at Lot 331, Lower Ground One Utama to try out Double Fried Chicken which was opened just 2 months ago. What makes me curious is that the chicken goes thru a double frying method, which is unique to KyoChon. We were told that the frying oil that were used is Cannola oil.

Kyo in Korean means searching for enlightenment or wisdom and Chon means village. In Korea, where they started in 1991 and now there are more than 1000 plus KyoChon restaurant, KyoChon is normally eaten as a snack finger food. But in Malaysia, customers prefer a full meal and you can order it with white rice, Butter rice or Kim Chi rice as a side dish.

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