KyoChon 1991 @ One Utama by malaysianflavours

KyoChon branch image

Couple of months ago, the Korean drama “ You Who Came From The Stars” (来自星星的你) has created a viral across many countries, leaving lines of scenes and quotes for the audience. Among the many quotes, one of famous quote definitely goes to “Having fried chicken with beer is the great thing to do when first snow comes” (下初雪就是应该要吃炸鸡配啤酒).

Too bad, no snowing in Malaysia. But it is all ok, because we have the chance to taste the No.1 fried chicken from Korea! The famous KyoChon 1991 has just landed in Malaysia, with its first outlet in One Utama Shopping Centre! Don’t worry, having Korean No.1 fried chicken without the joy of snow is as great too!

Established in the year of 1991, KyoChon gained their name across the country swiftly, having 500 stores within 10 years. Now, with more than 1000 outlets around the world including Korea, USA, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, and opening soon in Taiwan and Hong Kong, it is understood that KyoChon doesn’t go famous for no reason.

KyoChon branch image

KyoChon has distinguished themselves from other fast food chain since the very beginning. They are not fast food. All chicken served are not pre-packed, ready-to-be-fried frozen chicken completed with marination. In contrary, they sources fresh chilled chicken, and from there only marination process starts. Chickens are deep fried upon order, hence diners will expect longer, about 20 minutes waiting time time to get the food served. But is all worth waiting.

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