Kyochon Chicken 1Utama Grand Opening by Hilda Milda

KyoChon 1Utama grand opening

Hi there! Can’t believe we are already in the third month of 2014 and I’m still blogging about event that I attended back in January. Failed big time, I know T__T

When it comes to Korean food, people will associate it with bibimbap, kimchi and bulgogi but there is this new korean food that is slowly getting its recognition in the korean food culture which is the Korean Fried Chicken, which coincidentally spell as KFC too HAHA in fact, it is claimed that it is now the no. 6 most popular dish in Korea. Honestly, who can ever say no to fried chicken? I guess you’ve heard that the multiple award winning and Korea’s Number 1 Fried Chicken brand has finally open its first restaurant in Malaysia! All thanks to Churp Churp, I had the chance to attend its grand opening at 1Utama two months back.

The first time I heard about Kyochon chicken was from Churp Churp through their ChurpOut event last year. Initially, I seriously didn’t get the the hype over these fried chicken (probably cause it was from Korea *cough* y’know k-pop culture fever never subsides in Malaysia) until I personally tasted them.

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