Kyochon Korean Fried Chicken @ One Utama Shopping Mall by Lwin Lee

KyoChon branch image

Sounds ubiquitous? But definitely not the average fried chicken that you might know : )

KyoChon Korean Fried Chicken has been established since almost 23 years ago, and has now finally made its inaugural appearance at One Utama Shopping Mall, Malaysia. This Korean franchise takes pride in their choice of freshest fowls used as well as using only 100% natural ingredients. Apart from bringing the enjoyment of fried chicken one level up, they also emphasize on healthy double-frying process unique to KyoChon, using Canola oil. Now this reminds me of the picturesque view of the canola flowers in Jeju island 2 years’ back. Missing it though.

As for their ID, they are embracing wooden interiors, contemporary-themed establishment alongside with posters of Kpop hit artist; Super Junior. If you notice, there is even a statue of Si Won who seems to be greeting you “Anyeonghaseyo” as you comes in ^_^

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