KyoChon Malaysia Korean Fried Chicken by Isaac Tan

KyoChon branch image

Much have been said about the latest eatery in town, where I had the opportunity to catch their launch the other day. KyoChon Malaysia, the #1 Korean Fried Chicken chain in Korea opened its doors to the public recently at 1 Utama Shopping Mall. The other day, I was there again with a bunch of really cool Nuffnangers and Nuffies for a nice dinner sampling all their signature dishes.

KyoChon, Korea’s No.1 fried chicken brand, officially opened its at One Utama Shopping Centre amidst a flurry of journalists, social influencers, and the excitement generated through the appearance of its founders. As winner of numerous consumer awards in its home country, KyoChon’s arrival in Malaysia not only solidifies the popularity of Korean cuisine amongst discerning Malaysians, but specifically, tasty, good quality fried chicken – prepared differently – with a distinctive Korean flavour.

To kick start our meal that night, we were served first with some appetizers in the form of the Seasoned Wedges and the Blueberry / Mandarin Salad. The Seasoned Wedges were rather nice, as it had that crispiness outside on the batter which I can’t find elsewhere. From what I was told, the frying technique used helped to maintain its crispiness. As for the Blueberry / Mandarin salad, I did not have much of it as I am not really a fan of salads, unless there are huge chunks of bacon inside. Here, we had a choice of either the blueberry sauce, or the mandarin ‘orangey’ sauce.

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