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Upcoming Father’s Day 2021

What do you have in plans for the upcoming Father's Day? How about a KyoChon feast to celebrate our superdads? - 🐤K

Central i-City and Damansara Utama outlets will be closed for a week

Our Central i-City and Damansara Utama outlets will be closed for outlet maintenance.

🍗 RM14 deal, only on 14th June! 😋

Kiss your Monday blues goodbye with tasty fried chicken and a refreshing drink this 14th June 2021.

Nestle ties up with KyoChon in meat-free menu launch

A meat-free menu that will cater to a wider base of customers.

Nestle Professional, Kyochon teams up to launch meat-free menu

A meat-free menu using Harvest Gourmet plant-based range.

Korean Fried Chicken: The Crunch That Changed The World

No fried chicken has quite taken the world by storm like the Korean fried chicken did.

Recipe: SalSal Wrap

Hey chingus, add some savoury and flavorful twist to your SalSal with this recipe! 💃

Recipe: Crispy Spring Roll

Craving for some spring rolls and KyoChon chicken?

Recipe: Honey Berry Salad Pizza

Here’s a berry delightful recipe for you to enjoy for Iftar!

Recipe: KyoChon Red Pepper Lettuce Wrap

Spice up your Iftar with our Red Pepper Lettuce Wrap!