Makan Bersama KyoChon

Makan Bersama KyoChon Festive Menu is BACK! Hurry up and make your plans to berbuka at KyoChon today!

Chikin’ Meal

Get a succulent drumstick paired with imported rice, soft drink, seaweed soup and pickled radish when you get our Chikin' Meal in-store today!

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3 Perfect Occasions to Enjoy Korean Fried Chicken

Here are 3 occasions when you should definitely consider adding that crispy, crunchy, fried delight to the menu!

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What Are the Popular Basic Flavours of Korean Fried Chicken?

Korean fried chicken has without a doubt become a must-try for anyone who wants to experience Korean culture.

Top 4 Dishes That Pair Best With Korean Fried Chicken

If you have always loved Korean fried chicken, you will love it even more when it is paired with side dishes.

Reasons Why Malaysians Love Fried Chicken

Reasons Why Malaysians Love Fried Chicken

What’s the best part about living in Malaysia? It’s the fact that you can eat fried chicken pretty much anywhere in the country!

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Are you enjoying fresh, authentic Korean fried chikins in KyoChon? Because we are!

Introducing the all-new So-tteok So-tteok and Meat Free Japchae by KyoChon!

안녕 chingus, introducing the all-new So-tteok So-tteok and Meat Free Japchae by KyoChon!

meat free chicken

KyoChon Introduces a Meat-Free Chicken that Tastes Exactly Like Chicken

KyoChon is introducing their new menu, Future Chicken which is going to blow your mind🤯

collaboration with Phuture - Johor

Johor Foodie: Welcome to the future with KyoChon Malaysia’s collaboration with PHUTURE®️

Perfect for someone who wants to enjoy meat-free meals without sacrificing the pleasures of a fried chicken.