Real Flavour,True Story

정직한맛, 정직한이야기

Originated from “hyanggyo”, “Kyo” means wisdom and enlightenment. “Chon” means village or town.

Hyanggyo refers to an ancient school where our ancestors used to study in Korea and it used to be found in every town.

“Kyochon” has been chosen as our name to express the Korean styled impression.

To study the joy of taste everywhere in Korea, Kyochon was born in Gumi, South Korea, in 1991.

Three Promises

세가지 약속

We use only the finest ingredients.

We encourage and support the healthy lifestyle of our customers.

We pursue perfection in every fried chicken we make.

What's special about Kyochon?

We’re not a fast food joint, but rather, a full-service restaurant which cooks your food fresh on order every time.

We use only chilled, antibiotic- and hormone-free broiler chickens (specially bred chickens raised for their meat), which are grown in sealed-off, air-conditioned modern sheds ensuring they are free from airborne viruses and diseases. Our chickens are aged between 30-35 days old because our experience has told us that this is the best for juicy, tender and succulent meat after frying.

We fry our chickens exclusively in premium canola oil that has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for health. We use a lot less batter, the benefit is clear: you get a tasty, crispy, expertly fried, and thinly-battered chicken piece that is both less oily and fatty than most other fried chickens.

All our imported sauces are 100% natural, MSG-free and without any additives so you can taste the subtle differences depending on the season. For example, our Red Pepper series is spicier during summer because of the hotter and drier weather in Korea. it’s the way nature intended it to be and we won’t change it in any way.